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Before I started the audio assignments for the week I had three main goals I wanted to uphold. The first being that it had to be 4 to 5 stars rated, Second, it would have to take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete and last but not least, easy to do. That was my head game when I was looking for an assignment to pick from and sure enough I found one that meet all my requirements. My audio assignment was to make a recording of me humming a song that has been in my head for while. The song I recorded was Oops! I Did it Again by Birtney Spears, I have been jamming to her earlier music recently and I just fell in love with this song it all over again. It is a classic and everyone loves classics


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  • Martha

    Actually, the idea behind the stars is that the more stars it is, the longer it should take. If you find what seems like an “easy” assignment with a high star rating, that’s an opportunity to think about what you can do to push it further.

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