• My Survival

    This is just the Beginning

    My God! UMW has turned in a living Hell. The people that has contracted the virus has tuned into something unhuman like. They started eating other people, the non infected. They have over run UMW and rapidly  Fredricksbrug turning into blood bath. They are no longer human anymore, they are are monsters with the sole purpose of eating human flesh. The world as we know it is in chaos, this the end. The apocalypse has began. We only have two choices now kill or be killed. y started eating other people, the non infected.

  • My Survival

    Flighting Life

    The survival guide has really helped me. It has everything from how to defend your self form a attacker to what is safe to eat in the wild. But recently things have taken a turn for the worst, many people on campus have been becoming sick. Students have been fainting and coughing up blood. It looks like a damn war has taken place in UMW. Right now the school is being quarantined and no one can leave. The administrators say it is just food poisoning and they are only holding us here to keep us safe, but I know better. This is the virus and keeping the infected with healthy people…

  • My Survival

    Survival Guide

    Ever since the broadcast, I have taken some precautionary measures, I have not eaten any food in Fredricksburgs, I now bring my own food from my house in Woodbridge. I wear gloves everywhere I go now and I clean every surface I come in contact with, I the closest thing to a clean freak now. There has to be more that I can do, my mind is racing of things to survive this on coming virus that will spread through out Fredericksburgs. One of my first idea was stay far away from Fredricksburgs, but I still have classes to take at Mary Washington, so that was a bust as was the…

  • My Survival


    I have always known that the world was a dangerous, but this is insane. Our own government is using us as guinea pigs for an experiment, for god knows what. I am scared. This virus sounded very serious and anything experimental just sounds bad. I hope did not contract get virus nor dose any one else, but the way social media is going on about this, I do not think it is likely. To think that the fall of the U.S could potentially be due to the consummation of pizza, is laughable. But unfortunately this seems to be our reality. So its either set down and do nothing or go out fighting.…

  • My Survival


    Social media was buzzing after the radio broadcast and you would think posts would be filled with concerns or solutions to the issue of this virus at hand, but no. Everyone thought it was some joke, It was trending world wide and all people did was make stupid memes and gifs about this virus spreading around. God, I am so angry, why are humans so dumb. Some crazy shit is about to go down and cause major problems for us and our answer to that is to twitter about. I don’t know what I am going to do, but I refuse to ignore what i have heard.  .     …

  • My Survival

    Radio Broadcast

    Bizarre, that is how I describe my life now. It went from extra ordinary to feeling like I am living in some nightmare. Ever since I seen that postcard, I have been just paranoid. Its like I am waiting for something horrible to happen, but nothing ever dose. I thought I was going crazy, I mean there is no other way to explain why my mind has turned against me. But just yesterday as I was driving to school, listening to some Queen Bey a broadcast interrupted my morning sing-a-long with the following When heard this I knew I was not going mental , something bad was happening, and this virus…

  • My Survival


    Everyday since I been in UMW, it has been normal, nothing out of the ordinary. I would out of bed, drive to school, go to class and then when my class was over I would drive back home, this has been my everyday life. But the past few days I have been seeing this weird postcard. It says “Welcome To Fredericksburgs, Where Chaos Lives”. At first I thought is was some event being hold on campus or around Frederickburgs, but nothing besides the phrase “Welcome To Fredericksburgs, Where Chaos Lives” was on the postcard and when I asked around, no knew seemed to know about. Well,… expect one person, my teacher Mrs.…

  • Weekly Post

    12 Weekly

    Week 12 has been chill a week, at first I thought I would die when i saw the number of stars we needed to complete, but it has not been that bad. I did not do too much on week 12 because I have been busy, but i am in it to win it, or in my case in it to pass it. no matter what. So despite, me turning some work late, I do the work. Thats all for now

  • FanFaction

    An Apocalypse Vacation

    For my final 12 week assignment, I chose to do the Destination Post Card. I used the website canva.com to create my post card. My postcard, is a picture of a city, I used a city as my destination because I wanted the postcard to resumable the city like setting in my book World War Z. I also made the color contrast of my postcard look old or worn down to bring an eerie vibe to the postcard and then I add a text stating “Welcome To The NewWorld, Where Chaos Lives”, so the postcard would farther emphasis the wariness of the destination post card.

  • FanFaction


    I created a meme on https://imgflip.com, for my one of my week 12 assignment. I had to incorporate the book that I picked to read this semester, World War Z. The scene that I toke from the movie when the professor, now zombie comes face to face with Gerry Lane , who has an cure and on lookers see if the cure repels zombies. So with any delay here is my meme