• Weekly Post

    The End Results

    I did not think that the Radio Show project was going to be fun, but I am happy to be wrong. I got along well with everyone in my team, we had lots of laughs and we just had over all good time.  There was quit a few set backs like not knowing how to use the vocal booth and one of our team members not being able make it the editing session but, we find some time to make up for it. The end result of my team’s radio show was worth it because I think we did a great job. I hope everyone that likes it

  • Weekly Post

    Written on Paper

    Hello fellow classmates, how was your spring break? Did any of you people go out of the country or out of state? Well whatever you guys did I hope you had fun, I know I did. All I did during this spring break was sleep, eat and watch Netflix. I must say it was a glorious week off and I can not wait until it is summer because I already feel stressed and it is just the first day of school since break. But fortunately I did some work…… well barley did some work during the break to ease the burden of the return of school. The only thing I…

  • Weekly Post


    Midterm week has finally ended and I am happy to say that it will not be missed. I have had so many late late nights of pure studying that I almost feel that I have got dumber rather then smarter as the week ended. The test were torture, the teachers were torture, the weather…… torture, but out of this surviving the horrible entity called midterms I have learned one very important thing GTIF, Thank God It Is Friday because the thought of Friday and spring break were the only thing (and failing) keeping me alive during the week. So it is safe to say that I am a very happy camper,…

  • Design

    Book Cover

    To make my book cover I used the website Canva.com and then used a book temple to put my book cover together. It was really easy and I recommend everyone that has not made their book cover or any assignment that is similar to this one to use this site to get it done. I based my book cover on the class theme the apocalypse. So I picked a image from google that displayed ruined or abounded building to represent a apocalyptic world. I also had made sure the picture hold little to no color so it would bring out sad or gloomy feeling when a viewer were see it. I…

  • Design

    Team Nikita Nullin

    For my second design assignment, I wanted to try the Generate Cool Letters. It looked fairly easy, interesting and it seems that a lot of people like it as well, so I deiced to try it. But instead of using my name I wanted use my character’s name Nikita Nullin. For her letter design wanted to picked a calligraphy design that I felt the represented style and her personality. So I had her name styled very simple because Nikita is a laid back person and is not too into glamour. I add some patterns in the inside of her name have some flare because Nikita is a very advantageous women but had the…

  • Design

    She’s Alive!

    I had so much fun creating my character Nikita Nullin. I feel like a proud mother now that my creation is made into imagery. I loved that I was able to design every bit and piece how I imaged Nikita to look like. Although I did have some trouble operating the website Hero Machine after a while I was able to navigate my though the site gracefully … well some what. When all the of my creating was finished I ended up with a badass looking zombie slayer. Nikita is an independent women that is never afraid taking risk when she knows there could be a big pay off. She is almost…

  • Design


    One of design assignments I choose for the week is creating a superhero. I love everything about superheros, the movies, the different types of powers and the cool costumes they get to wear. I just love it all.  So as you can see, I was excited to create my mini superhero. The assignment stated with picking two links that allowed you to make your own superheros, Heromachine.com and DC kids.com. I picked DC Kids, I found DC kids website easy to use and although the imagery was very cartoon like, my superhero still looked great. I named my superheros name is White Sage. She is called that because she has…

  • Reflections

    Creativity is Key

    I have always been into the art of design, but I can not draw and I am not too knowledgeable about the world of design. The most I have doven into design, is my everyday fashion and my frequent visits to Pinterest, pinning pictures of nice design elements I would want in my future house or apartment. But, I learned from the video Serious Play by Paula Scher that creativity is key to design and what keeps creativity flowing in the design world is inexperience. Scher explains that some of her best work was when she was young and ignorant to what was considered design quality. She said that the reason for this is…

  • Weekly Post

    Like a Professional

    The week has passed through rather quick. I feel that I have blinked and its already Monday. I had fairly good week, nothing too trouble happened, so guess that played some contribution into why I am feeling this way. And also the assignment nothing was too hard for me to understand but, it was a little time consuming, more so the recording. The recording for my audio assignment and frequency2156 toke me forever to figure out how to record, there was always something that prevented my recording to work. I did have fun doing the assignment audio despite the  technical difficulties I encountered, not so much the frequency2156, but I was…

  • Audio

    Radio head

    I found Frequency 2156 to be cool, but frustrating. I loved the layout and every part of the website was meant to entice you into its world where apocalypse is currently happening. It made you feel and imagine an apocalyptic world by having the layout resemble a World War theme. Unfortunately, the function of the website was poor. It was difficult to record the audio and the loading process was slow. At first I thought that it was just me experiencing theses troubles with the website but, many of my classmates faced the same difficulties, I think there may be problems with the site. If I were able to alter the website,…