• Weekly Post

    Like a Professional

    The week has passed through rather quick. I feel that I have blinked and its already Monday. I had fairly good week, nothing too trouble happened, so guess that played some contribution into why I am feeling this way. And also the assignment nothing was too hard for me to understand but, it was a little time consuming, more so the recording. The recording for my audio assignment and frequency2156 toke me forever to figure out how to record, there was always something that prevented my recording to work. I did have fun doing the assignment audio despite the  technical difficulties I encountered, not so much the frequency2156, but I was…

  • Audio

    Radio head

    I found Frequency 2156 to be cool, but frustrating. I loved the layout and every part of the website was meant to entice you into its world where apocalypse is currently happening. It made you feel and imagine an apocalyptic world by having the layout resemble a World War theme. Unfortunately, the function of the website was poor. It was difficult to record the audio and the loading process was slow. At first I thought that it was just me experiencing theses troubles with the website but, many of my classmates faced the same difficulties, I think there may be problems with the site. If I were able to alter the website,…

  • Audio

    Recording Artiest

    Before I started the audio assignments for the week I had three main goals I wanted to uphold. The first being that it had to be 4 to 5 stars rated, Second, it would have to take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete and last but not least, easy to do. That was my head game when I was looking for an assignment to pick from and sure enough I found one that meet all my requirements. My audio assignment was to make a recording of me humming a song that has been in my head for while. The song I recorded was Oops! I Did it Again by Birtney…

  • Reflections

    What About Audio ?

    My experience with audio is limited to just listening to music and ebook. The only time I have made an audio is when I am making a recording of me specking for my foreign language class. I have never had any interest in doing a recording of my self in any setting, so the audio resource page was overwhelming. I never knew how much work was put into sound, but I did read that everyone got the job done so I guess it can’t be that hard, I may even like it in the end. Although I not into making an audio, I do understand the appeal of doing audio as…

  • Web

    Nikita Nullin Resume

    To introduce my character, I decided to write a resume. It a fairly easy, all I did was used a resume template and the some creativity to fill in the blanks. It was really fun assignment, maybe the most fun I had on the assignments. My character’s name is Nikita Nullin. I based her resume reflect a chill person that follows where the wind takes her, but also is a badass in secret. She is kind of a drifter, does not liking doing or being one place for too long and has only completed High School, but as you can tell she was many talents. She is a weapon expect that…

  • Weekly Post

    Keeping it Real

    I have been slacking and not keeping up with my assignments, I been so busy this past few weeks and I thought I could always get my work done in a day but I have learned the hard way that is not the case. I guess I believed that work would be easy, but quite a few of these assignments need an hour or two to complete. I am trying to do better and have my work done on that same week. I have gotten help to be more efficient and have more of a understanding of the assignments from The Digital Knowledge Center. I learned how to set up a…

  • Photography

    Photo Ready

    I have always known that I am not the greatest at taking photos and this assignment made it very clear that I am not meant for Photography, the Photo life, is not the life for me. Just thinking about what I should take a picture of to represent the topics given to me by Photobiz, gave me headache because my mind would either go blank or think too out of the box. To say it was difficult for me to complete this assignment is a understatement, I tried to use the link Tips For Better Photography , but i found it wasn’t easy to put the instructions into action. The…

  • Reflections

    The Apocalypse through Picture and Film

    When I first heard of the short movie La Jetee, I was excited to watch it because it was French so I thought to myself this must be good. The movie did not turn out how I expected it to be but, it was not bad. I found the plot line interesting, because it gave a different glimpse of the tragedies of World War II. I also liked how the the director used photos to show what the man was dreaming of under the experiment. The photos were used in series, so you not only knew what the man was dreaming about, a viewer could also see a story forming…

  • Photography

    A GIF Story

    GIF are used all the time, on social medias to show a mood, events or situation, but recently the question, Can GIF be seen or used as a story arised, and my answer to that is no and yes. The reason I picked both no and yes for my answer is because every GIF always depicts a certain image in it, it has a signaler message it is trying to display, and telling a story is a complex thing that GIF is not able to show due to it’s simplicity. But a GIF can be a story if it is used it a set of series.  

  • Photography

    The Before and After

    When the world is on the brick of destruction, everything and everyone is turned upside down and twisted inside out, nothing is quite the same anymore. It messes with your mind to the point that you no longer trust your own thoughts, because rules of the humanity has changed into a lawless anarchy. As these developments occur, the more primal and animalistic you become and your appearance slowly deteriorates, almost looking as if you are a zombie. This is my before and after pictures, to show the effects the apocalypse. My before picture I took in my room where there is good lighting and then edited to appear more presentable and my…