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To make my book cover I used the website and then used a book temple to put my book cover together. It was really easy and I recommend everyone that has not made their book cover or any assignment that is similar to this one to use this site to get it done. I based my book cover on the class theme the apocalypse. So I picked a image from google that displayed ruined or abounded building to represent a apocalyptic world. I also had made sure the picture hold little to no color so it would bring out sad or gloomy feeling when a viewer were see it. I named the cover “The New World” according to the theme of my book, and add three dividers into the picture to make it more design like.

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  • Martha

    This is a neat design. I really love the photo you chose. I would suggest picking a different, darker color of the text so that it stands out from and doesn’t blend into the lines.

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