She’s Alive!

I had so much fun creating my character Nikita Nullin. I feel like a proud mother now that my creation is made into imagery. I loved that I was able to design every bit and piece how I imaged Nikita to look like. Although I did have some trouble operating the website Hero Machine after a while I was able to navigate my though the site gracefully … well some what. When all the of my creating was finished I ended up with a badass looking zombie slayer. Nikita is an independent women that is never afraid taking risk when she knows there could be a big pay off. She is almost never follows the rules, she likes to keep to your she self, and has a very dark sarcastic scene of humus but, most importantly she will be and do any thing for her friends. This is what makes her a great team mate and being a an excellent shot also helps in her favor as well. 

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