My Survival

Flighting Life

The survival guide has really helped me. It has everything from how to defend your self form a attacker to what is safe to eat in the wild. But recently things have taken a turn for the worst, many people on campus have been becoming sick. Students have been fainting and coughing up blood. It looks like a damn war has taken place in UMW. Right now the school is being quarantined and no one can leave. The administrators say it is just food poisoning and they are only holding us here to keep us safe, but I know better. This is the virus and keeping the infected with healthy people on campus dose not sound right to me. Think we are not only being hold poisoner to control the virus, but also as an experiment to see how infected interact with the non infected. This is just a theory, but I know that if I do not get out here, that I may end up like them or worse. 

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