My Survival


Everyday since I been in UMW, it has been normal, nothing out of the ordinary. I would out of bed, drive to school, go to class and then when my class was over I would drive back home, this has been my everyday life. But the past few days I have been seeing this weird postcard. It says “Welcome To Fredericksburgs, Where Chaos Lives”. At first I thought is was some event being hold on campus or around Frederickburgs, but nothing besides the phrase “Welcome To Fredericksburgs, Where Chaos Lives” was on the postcard and when I asked around, no knew seemed to know about. Well,… expect one person, my teacher Mrs. Burtis, when I asked her at her office about the card, her eyes got wide eyed, stared shifting around in her seat and strutting when she talked. I could hardly understand her and I could see that the postcard was upsetting so I left. “God that was weird” I thought as I left her office but I can’t help to feel relieved that I am not the only one that getting a sicking feeling in my stomach when I look at that postcard.



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