My Survival

Survival Guide

Ever since the broadcast, I have taken some precautionary measures, I have not eaten any food in Fredricksburgs, I now bring my own food from my house in Woodbridge. I wear gloves everywhere I go now and I clean every surface I come in contact with, I the closest thing to a clean freak now. There has to be more that I can do, my mind is racing of things to survive this on coming virus that will spread through out Fredericksburgs. One of my first idea was stay far away from Fredricksburgs, but I still have classes to take at Mary Washington, so that was a bust as was the rest of my ideas these past few days. But today while talking to my friend, Kelly about what we were going to this summer, she brings up this survival book she has been reading for a camp trip she will take this summer. And that when I it hits me, I can use a Survival Guide to help me protect myself and navigate my through this infectious virus. I have gone to amazon and found this book. I had great reviews but, what made me buy it was the review form the customer Crystal Nmoh




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