Photo Ready

I have always known that I am not the greatest at taking photos and this assignment made it very clear that I am not meant for Photography, the Photo life, is not the life for me. Just thinking about what I should take a picture of to represent the topics given to me by Photobiz, gave me headache because my mind would either go blank or think too out of the box. To say it was difficult for me to complete this assignment is a understatement, I tried to use the link Tips For Better Photography , but i found it wasn’t easy to put the instructions into action. The link of the gallery  Abandoned America didn’t help either, but I did enjoy the pictures of an abounded places. The photos kind of made me sad because these places were just left behind and forgotten, all history created in these places are now lost. The photos really just gets you thinking about life and how nothing is forever, these places used to be something to someone but, now its just there withering away.  Well anyway without further ado, here are my 7 photos :

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