Apocalpyse Starter Kit and Reading Reflection

I started watching and reading apocalypse stories online, just out of curiosity to see if the world had any idea on what was to befall on the earth. And my results were both right on point and some were way off base. Such as the show the Walking dead and The End a BBC special.  In each one brought out a different response out of me, The walking dead, really felt like my life story. To just woke up and seeing your friends and family bring preyed upon to be eaten is horrifying. There is nothing you can do other then to try to survive. It just really spoke to me because it resembles how life is in the zombie apocalypse as for The End it did not go too in deep into the varies apocalypse stories nor did it show the full impact of the apocalypse, but it was a just a special so I guess it could do too much with it.

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