Creativity is Key

I have always been into the art of design, but I can not draw and I am not too knowledgeable about the world of design. The most I have doven into design, is my everyday fashion and my frequent visits to Pinterest, pinning pictures of nice design elements I would want in my future house or apartment. But, I learned from the video Serious Play by Paula Scher that creativity is key to design and what keeps creativity flowing in the design world is inexperience. Scher explains that some of her best work was when she was young and ignorant to what was considered design quality. She said that the reason for this is because when you are inexperience, you do not know the rulers, you not put into this box where there is a right and wrong way to do things, you are free to think and do what ever design you want. This part of the video really changed my mind what is to be a designer and give me some reassurance on what it is to come on during the design storytelling week. Another outlook that helped me interpret design is the website I loved this site, it had so many cool and fun design outlines for many different things one could use it for such cards, letters, resumes and ect. It also had tutorials so for a user could navigate how the the temple works. This site was just great and really helped fueling my creatively. I think that i would definitely use this, for work outside of class.

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