When I watch movies, I more so theorize than analysis. I always have some kind theory on why and how an event occurred in a movie, but I do analysis some to come up with my crazy conspiracies. So I found the How To Read A Movie, fun to read. It is about how to analysis a movie and how critics judge movies. Some of the information Ebert gave I already knew which as the when a camera gets close shots, the directors wants you to pay attention to that certain scene or moments. But there were things that I do not know such as directors will put people in certain places to display a kind of aura. For example Ebert wrote that directors will put their actors in the left to show a negative or bad attitude and the right to show to more positive person. Overall I really liked this article. So what did any of you read about movie analysis that you already know and what you did not know ?

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  • Katie Hartraft

    I love theorizing too! Breaking down a movie/tv show with theories is such a fun way to appreciate a work and really understand it. Before reading the article “How To Read A Movie” I thought analyzing a movie was just deconstructing it’s plot and whatnot. I never even thought about analyzing placement of characters and their relation to each other on screen.

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