Radio Show Reflection

I think my group did a great job with our radio show, but when it came down having to listen to it, I got a bit worried. There is a huge difference when you are just listening to it with your group and having the whole class listen to it, plus comment on Twitter about. So I was a little over whelmed, to say the least, of other would think about my groups show, but everyone seemed to like it. It was nice reading tweets about my radio show and communicating with others.  I found it really fun because nothing written was too serious, everything was just giggles and laughs. I also listened to the radio show after my groups, it was called The Talk Shit Radio Show and I must say it was the sh**t. When I first listened to the introduction, I was blown away, they were cursing on their radio show, and not a little bit, but a lot. I found it so creative and loved their story line, my favorite part is when the kids kills their science teacher. After listening to their radio show, I wished that we had more time to meet up so we could have more of a creative output in my group’s radio show

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