The Apocalypse through Picture and Film

When I first heard of the short movie La Jetee, I was excited to watch it because it was French so I thought to myself this must be good. The movie did not turn out how I expected it to be but, it was not bad. I found the plot line interesting, because it gave a different glimpse of the tragedies of World War II. I also liked how the the director used photos to show what the man was dreaming of under the experiment. The photos were used in series, so you not only knew what the man was dreaming about, a viewer could also see a story forming from the pictures. The other movie that I watched was Train To Busan, it was typical zombie movie, but with a twist. The movie was based on father trying to protect his daughter from the infected until they made it to Busan where there is refuge. I liked this movie as well, mostly because of the character Sang-hwa. Sang-hwa is first presented as the funny macho guy, but as the movie progress you see him turn into this badass that has no problem knocking anyone out. So here is the GIF I picked of him just kicking some zombie butt.

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