What About Audio ?

My experience with audio is limited to just listening to music and ebook. The only time I have made an audio is when I am making a recording of me specking for my foreign language class. I have never had any interest in doing a recording of my self in any setting, so the audio resource page was overwhelming. I never knew how much work was put into sound, but I did read that everyone got the job done so I guess it can’t be that hard, I may even like it in the end. Although I not into making an audio, I do understand the appeal of doing audio as Abumrad said you can talk, state opinions and just make people feel through your words with out being seen. That is a powerful thing to just have you words create some kind of emotion or image with in someone, without the hassle of having to present your self physically.  As a listening, I know how influential audio can be, like how the whole mood of a movie can change by the music used in a scene or when you listen to the music you can almost imagine what scene the artist is trying to portray though their music. The same could be said about reading, once you start a book you immediately imagine the scenes in your head. 

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