Eight Star Assignments

This tenth week we had to complete eight stars of assignments. When I saw this, my first thought was this week is going to be a lot for me. And it was because I could not do all my assignments on the tenth week, but I am here now. So anyway for my assignments I did two, four star assignments, Ebert’s Analysis and 2 Minute Silent Documentary. I picked the Ebert’s Analysis because i just recently done an similar on Digital Story. So I though why not do another video essay and this time I chose to analysis Grown Ups, here is my video,

My second assignment I choose to do a How to make something or do something video. I picked this video assignments because it seemed easy and fun. And for the most part it was fun but I found it hard to think of something that do video or anyone to help me video myself. It was just at random that my friend was getting ready to make tea and then I thought to myself, “I ought to video tape this,” so I did and this is the end results, How To Make Tea



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