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I decided to use the movie 10 Cloverfield Lane for my video analysis because it is the most recent movie on the list and I have wanted to see the movie before had. The movie was not as I expected, if any of you seen the movie, it seems that the old man is lying or paranoid about the end, then as the movie progresses you realize that the old man is not crazy, the apocalypse has started, the end is near and real. So I have to say had a nice time watching it, but not so much the making of my video analysis. I am not good at nothing that is technical, so when I had to edit and do some audio for my video, I was stuck. It toke me about 2 hours to try, I repeat try to make my video analysis and after many failed attempts I just gave up. Then I signed up for a tutor in the digital lab to help me and thank Gosh I did. The tutor really help me with this assignment and made it easy for me to understand. So I would like to make a shout out to Jenny for helping me.
As for my video, I used a scene the movie that I found Youtube. The scene is of a girl fighting her suppressor, the old man. I mostly used the article How To Read A Movie, help me breakdown the movie. So here is my end results, Hope in is in insightful.

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  • Martha

    Nice work editing your commentary over the video! I’m glad you came into the DKC for help. One tip, when posting a video in your blog, if you post the whole URL of the YouTube Video (in this case that would be into a line by itself in the post (don’t make it a link), it will auto embed in the post. Remember whenever you can embed media in a blog post, you should!

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