Nikita Nullin Resume

To introduce my character, I decided to write a resume. It a fairly easy, all I did was used a resume template and the some creativity to fill in the blanks. It was really fun assignment, maybe the most fun I had on the assignments. My character’s name is Nikita Nullin. I based her resume reflect a chill person that follows where the wind takes her, but also is a badass in secret. She is kind of a drifter, does not liking doing or being one place for too long and has only completed High School, but as you can tell she was many talents. She is a weapon expect that has great shot, hand to hand combat is no issue for her, and she likes to draw in her free time. Despite, all her skills, I think Nikitia would be a great person work with because if you gain her respect then you gain her loyalty for life.

Nikita Nullin


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