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Back at it Again

Week 11, Here we are back at it again with the videos, feeling like a youtuber. And once again the week has been hectic,but I had more time to get things done then last week. So one of the first things I did was go to the movie viewing on Tuesday. There was only Mrs. Burtis and I which was disappointing because I thought there would be a lot of people from the class, so i could have the opportunity to talk with some people in person instead of online. But the  movie was good, it is called Nine. The movie is an animation about a post apocalyptic world, where the human race is dead and new race beings is trying to figure how to live in this new world. It was over all a good movie. For this week we had to 6 star video assignment and 10 Apocalyptic Questions. The editing was just as time consuming as week 10. I really wanted to learn how to edit my video with IMovie without the help from the Digital lab. And although it toke a while to edit my videos, the end results was worth it. I am really happy with how the my videos turned out my favorite I have made week 11, is super-cut Diego Ricardo video. It is clips from the movie Men of Children all repeating the name Diego Ricardo, here is the video




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