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Midterm week has finally ended and I am happy to say that it will not be missed. I have had so many late late nights of pure studying that I almost feel that I have got dumber rather then smarter as the week ended. The test were torture, the teachers were torture, the weather…… torture, but out of this surviving the horrible entity called midterms I have learned one very important thing GTIF, Thank God It Is Friday because the thought of Friday and spring break were the only thing (and failing) keeping me alive during the week. So it is safe to say that I am a very happy camper, that it Spring break, I get to sleep in, no more driving to school everyday, no more teachers, just relaxation, …..well somewhat. I still got home work to do, but fortunately I do not not have too much to for my group’s radio show during spring break. We three out of four of us meet on Wednesday and discussed what we planed for our radio show. And we came up with a good story line with great plot twist, it still has some changes to go though to make it better, but I have to say it is looking pretty good as of now.

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