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Keeping it Real

I have been slacking and not keeping up with my assignments, I been so busy this past few weeks and I thought I could always get my work done in a day but I have learned the hard way that is not the case. I guess I believed that work would be easy, but quite a few of these assignments need an hour or two to complete. I am trying to do better and have my work done on that same week. I have gotten help to be more efficient and have more of a understanding of the assignments from The Digital Knowledge Center. I learned how to set up a layout for my website, categories and I meet Mrs. Burtis. I am most definitely coming there again because I am always facing technical difficulties. And surprise that is how, the my fourth week in DS106 began with me not knowing how to work my around a website, more precisely PhotoBiz, I honesty thought that I was being timed and that I to upload pictures about the topics presented to me in a 20 min time stamp, but there was no button to up load them. I sat there for a good 5 mins just confessed. I also just learned that that in Visual Assignments, that you need to do several assignments to add to six stars. I have been just doing one apocalypse related assignment and giving rating it six stars. I had no idea until Mrs. Burtis pointed it out to me. At least I did I great job on my Visual Assignment, it is a photo of me before and after “The End”. As for the Photography part of the assignment, I just don’t think I am meant for the photo life. I am a horrible photographer, it was really difficult for to think of what to take a picture and take a good picture. I did enjoy the movies/GIF assignment it honestly was the highlight of that week.


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