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Like a Professional

The week has passed through rather quick. I feel that I have blinked and its already Monday. I had fairly good week, nothing too trouble happened, so guess that played some contribution into why I am feeling this way. And also the assignment nothing was too hard for me to understand but, it was a little time consuming, more so the recording. The recording for my audio assignment and frequency2156 toke me forever to figure out how to record, there was always something that prevented my recording to work. I did have fun doing the assignment audio despite the  technical difficulties I encountered, not so much the frequency2156, but I was happy to be done with it. Due to this assignments audio now means something different to me because I know a little bit of how much work is put in to make recordings, music and to do radio, it is not just pressing play and stop. It is editing for hours on mix, layer, trim, etc on sound. It made me understand what does Abumrad and why he loves doing radio. I kind of like recording too now, but my favorite assignment was creating a resume for my character Nikita Nullin. It was the most fun I have had in an assignment because creating a character has been something that I have always wanted to do.

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