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Not Too Bad

For the third week of my journey in “The End”, I did a lot more work this time, And I kind of struggled a bit, the work was not too hard nor time consuming, but I had large amount of stress put on my shoulder due to just life not going so good sometimes. Thankfully it has gone to pass, at least for now, because as you know there is no such thing as peace in apocalypse. But despite my troubles, the activities I did this week helped with keeping me centered. The work I enjoyed was reading a couple of short stories, although I found most of the stories to be bland and boring, some were not that bad such as The Finis by Frank Lillie Pollock and Tupac Shakur and the End of the World by Sandra McDonald. I even got to rewrite an alternative end for one of my favorite, which is on my website so check it out. Some of the other things I liked were picking out a books that involves around an apocalyptic world and writing an Amazon apocalypse essential product review. So I guess the week did not turn out as bad as I thought would.

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