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The End Results

I did not think that the Radio Show project was going to be fun, but I am happy to be wrong. I got along well with everyone in my team, we had lots of laughs and we just had over all good time.  There was quit a few set backs like not knowing how to use the vocal booth and one of our team members not being able make it the editing session but, we find some time to make up for it. The end result of my team’s radio show was worth it because I think we did a great job. I hope everyone that likes it


  • Joshua Jenkins

    I didn’t really know what to expect when going into this group project. Other than Slack, none of us have met face to face. Much to my suprise, everyone in my group was very personable and came in ready to work. Our group was mostly gone due to being out of state for spring break, but this did not stop my team from meeting up on slack to formulate a good product. Being able to work with this group of strangers was something new and refreshing and like you said above I didn’t think I would have fun either, but I guess I was proved wrong as well. I look forward to hearing your groups finished product.

  • Lauren Sargent

    That’s cool that you guys got to use the recording booth! My group wanted to as well but it was always mega crowded in there and booked. I didn’t get a chance to hear your show but I bet the audio quality was great. What show did you end up listening to besides yours?

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