Products of the Apocalypse

Amazon Review on The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead by Max Brooks: During the arise of zombie apocalypse, my world became a difficult place to live “comfortably”, what was needed to survive before The End could not be applied in the in the zombie ruled world. This became apparent many of friends and family were killed and eaten by zombies in situations that could have been prevented if we knew better. I recognized the only way that I was going to survive to live another day was throw out the old rules of society and to bind by the new laws of nature. So when I came across this survival book knew that this may be the key to long jevity in the new world . It was a risk but hoped this book could help my survival rate and It did. The book taught me in and outs of zombies attacks, how to protect myself, store supplies and ect. It is a great book that has aided my to be able to talk to you today.


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